Patient-centered care, powered by technology

With limited resources and growing patient populations, healthcare providers struggle to be everywhere at once.

Our clinical programs allow you to monitor patients anywhere in the hospital or nursing facility to help you detect critical issues and intervene before they advance. Our in-home clinical programs give care teams the ability to collect patient health status remotely. This helps patients stay engaged, informed and connected to help when they need it while empowering care teams to achieve improved health outcomes for their populations.

Combined, these clinical programs and the care teams that deliver them can help improve outcomes, potentially lower costs and better position their health system against market competition.

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Positive outcomes across
the continuum of care

Telehealth-enabled clinical programs not only streamline your clinical workflow, they can help lead to lower mortality, shorter length of stay, fewer hospital readmissions and lower long-term healthcare costs.

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A commitment to innovation

Rising costs and an aging population are major challenges for today’s hospitals. Philips works closely with providers to transform care models with smart, sustainable solutions.

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Telehealth care is personal

Meet Ralph and Helen McCurdy, and see how Philips telehealth-enabled clinical programs are helping Banner health empower the McCurdy’s to manage their health and communicate with their care providers from home.


Helping seniors stay in their homes

With Philips telehealth programs and assistance from her daughter Francis, Mabel Leiser doesn’t have to leave her home to maintain her health.


A long-term industry solution

See how Hospital to Home clinical programs close the gap between caregivers and the growing number of patients with chronic conditions in their population.


Bridging the continuum of care

Philips telehealth-enabled clinical programs expand coverage in the hospital and extends quality care to the home.