Driving progress through technology

At Philips, we’re committed to helping improve quality of life for people all over the world. Our Hospital to Home telehealth-enabled clinical programs allow healthcare providers to deliver care in more efficient, effective ways. In fact, our telehealth programs are transforming the industry, combining cutting-edge communication and monitoring technologies with workflow re-design to drive better outcomes for patients, and lower costs for hospitals.

Our innovation story

Hospital to Home programs aren’t just about meeting the needs of patients and providers. They’re about anticipating them, and finding better ways to satisfy them. That means innovating at every stage of the process.

We start with people-focused research, asking both providers and patients what really matters to them, and what would make their lives easier. It helps us not just identify needs, but fully understand them. Then we look at the industry as a whole, including macro and micro trends and in-depth analytics.

We weigh all these data and extract insights we can use to make smarter, more inventive decisions. So in the end, we’re not just solving problems, we’re saving lives.


Telehealth care is personal

Meet Ralph and Helen McCurdy, and see how Philips telehealth-enabled clinical programs are helping Banner health empower the McCurdy’s to manage their health and communicate with their care providers from home.