Transforming critical care

Lowering mortality while reducing length of stay

The eICU Program clinically transforms the ICU, using a proactive care model that provides a solution to growing physician and nurse shortages while dramatically improving quality of care. Through an ideal blend of medicine with technology, this care model leverages clinical expertise, patented processes, and cutting-edge technologies to improve critical care delivery.


Revolutionizing critical care delivery

"eICU has revolutionized the way we take care of people in the intensive care unit, and it has really changed the process of care."

Rod Hochman, MD
President and CEO, Swedish Health System

Largest study of critical care telemedicine reveals improvements in patient outcomes and reductions in healthcare costs

Andover, MA. – With critical care costs in the U.S. totaling roughly $80-100 billion per year, new research published today in CHEST Journal’s Online First highlights ICU telemedicine as key to enabling hospitals and health systems to improve patient care at lower cost. The study, which examined the impact of Philips Hospital to Home eICU Program on 118,990 critical care patients, across 56 intensive care units (ICUs), 32 hospitals and 19 health systems over a five-year period, demonstrated reductions in both mortality and length of stay. The results were statistically significant on both an unadjusted and severity-adjusted basis.

The study, entitled “A Multi-center Study of ICU Telemedicine Reengineering of Adult Critical Care,” was authored by Craig M. Lilly, MD, Professor of Medicine, Anesthesiology and Surgery at the University of Massachusetts Medical School and Director of the eICU Program at UMass Memorial Medical Center. Participants were comprised of 19 healthcare systems using Philips’ eICU program. The eICU program is a comprehensive technology and clinical reengineering program that enables healthcare professionals from a centralized eICU center to provide around-the-clock care for critically ill patients. The eICU program utilizes bi-directional audio/video technology, population management tools, proprietary clinical decision support, real-time and retrospective reporting tools and targeted process redesign.

If you'd like to learn more, this topic is explored in greater detail in "A Multi-center Study of ICU Telemedicine Reengineering of Adult Critical Care." 

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Guiding staff through implementation… and beyond

    The eICU Program combines people, technology, and process to improve clinical workflow, improve financial outcomes and save lives. The eICU Program includes services that guide staff through the implementation and through the ongoing process changes that are necessary to affect true clinical transformation and improvement.

  • Clinical transformation and program management

    The Clinical Transformation team comprised of physicians, nurses, and experienced healthcare executives, works directly with customer clinicians and executives to enable systematic improvements in ICU care. Starting with contract signing, this team of clinicians and healthcare executives follow a proven protocol to guide the health system through the eICU Program implementation process and throughout the life of the contract.

    • A dedicated team to help drive sustained eICU Program success
    • Standardized committees, implementation structure, and meetings to involve the entire health system in the transformational process
    • Proven training delivered by experienced clinicians, tailored to specific customer needs
    • Monthly performance assessments
    • Quarterly benchmarking
    • Annual phase reviews
    • Ongoing Outreach services and supports
    • Clinical workflow design workshops
    • New clinical program introductions
  • Implementation Services

    The implementation team is a multi-disciplinary team comprised of a project manager, clinicians, and technical professionals who deliver a wide range of services throughout the planning and implementation process:

    • Strategic planning for critical care services
    • Project management
    • Implementation planning and support
    • Systems and workflow integration
    • Installation and training
    • Extended go-live support
  • Support Services

    The customer support team provides technical support for routine and urgent matters as well as ongoing technical support and services:

    • 24/7 Level 2 help desk
    • 24/7 software application support
    • Remote diagnostic
    • Software upgrades

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